Taking Information for Public Safety

The Olivet Police Department is a sworn department, and charged with the duty to PROTECT and SERVE the citizens of Olivet. It's for this reason that, though properly trained and experienced, we would be failing the citizens if we didn't remain humble, and request help from the community.

If you have information regarding a crime that has occurred, or if you have information of a crime yet to occur, please provide your information below. Any and all information is appreciated, and should not be limited to the standard of proof. As insignificant as it may seem to you, your information may lead us to the proof we need.

Please provide your information below, and be sure to include all information you feel will help in a possible investigation; include: Date(s) or approx. Dates(s) if known, Nature of offense or events, Names of possible subjects involved (Descriptions if names unknown; known associates, etc...), Location (Include street names and/or addresses, area, etc...), Vehicle(s) involved (Plate number and/or description), etc...

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