Reporting Information

We are not asking you to put your life on the line.  So don't intervene if you see a crime in progress; CALL 911!...and take good notes.  Here is some helpful information you can provide, when talking to the 911 operator or responding officer.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  Hair color and length, height, build (use comparisons if need be; for example:  about size of responding officer, or yourself, even a well-known public official or actor), gender, facial hair...etc.

DRUG/ALCOHOL USE:  Has the person been doing drugs, or consuming alcohol.

WEAPONS:  Has there been mention of weapons, or have you observed a weapon.  Are there weapons in the home; if taken place i a residence.

CLOTHING DESCRIPTION:  Hat, coat, shirt, pants, footwear.

VEHICLE:  Color, make and model, 2-door or 4-door, rusty, dents, stickers, tinted windows, direction of travel, plate number if possible.

If someone you know is involved:

NAME:  Full name if known; include any nicknames or aliases.

ADDRESS:  Number and street; also provide any location he/she is known to frequent.

CURRENT LOCATION:  Especially important if apprehension should be immediate, such as in domestic assaults and A&B.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Land line phone, cell phone.

Again, DO NOT! risk your safety.  Although the apprehension of criminal suspects is important, it's not worth your safety.